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KR-8218G 1、The host is in ARM status 2、When the detectors was triggered, the alarm will send to host by wired or wireless 3、The host will alert 4、The host upload the alarm to the CID center 5、The host call/SMS to the user 6、Tthe user can remote control the host after picked up the phone After Panel alerts, it will automatically dial the preset telephone number for three times until connected. When the user picks up the phone, a piece of pre-recorded voice message will be played back immediately and let the receiver noted about the event. Upon receiving the call, it can also control the alarm panel remotely via the phone (according to the command below). User will not be asked for password upon connected and alarm will automatically hang up call within receiving any instruction within 20 seconds.
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New Design GSM Burglar Alarm System KR-G15 (GSM)