Fire Alarm Monitoring Information

Many people install a fire alarm system at a home or place of business that is designed to protect the building and valuable items inside from being destroyed in a fire. When your alarm sounds, it transmits a signal to a central station. Fire alarm monitoring service is an essential part of making an alarm system work smoothly and effectively. Fire alarm monitoring companies usually collect a monthly fee to provide services.
Fire alarm monitoring services keep constant watch over a network of alarms. Usually these include both theft and fire alarms. When an alarm goes off, personnel working for the service have to contact the proper agency, such as the local fire department. Their prompt reporting and vigilance over their alarm networks can prevent serious loss of property. Fire alarm monitoring offices keep records of all alarm activity in case officials need to review them.
Central stations for fire alarm monitoring companies are set up with special computer systems and telephone networks to make contacting the proper authorities easy and fast. Once an alarm signals a fire, it shows up in the monitoring station within a matter of seconds. The staff then contacts the appropriate agency, such as the local fire department and police stations, within 30 to 60 seconds so they can respond quickly.
Fire alarm systems alert officials to fires when no one is around to observe them, report them or react to them. This is an invaluable service, since unnoticed fires can quickly spread and get out of control, destroying property and even taking lives. Fire alarm monitoring services are always checking alarms and are able to respond to emergencies the moment they happen, minimizing property loss and speeding up response time.
Most fire alarms are installed with heat and smoke detectors, bells or whistles to alert people and a digital direct dialer. The dialer dials the monitoring system the moment the alarm is tripped and sends a special code that informs the monitoring station as to the nature of the alarm. Monitoring stations can also detect problems with alarm systems requiring service.
Many people believe that the same company that installed their home or not true. Instead, the alarm installer hires a third-party fire alarm monitoring company to keep track of alarms and handle the reporting of fires. Since not all monitoring agencies are of the same quality, it is important for homeowners to know who is responsible for monitoring their alarm and change agencies if they deem it necessary.