GSM Alarm Systems vs. Phone Line Alarm Systems

This is the new “battle” going on in the home alarm system industry. GSM alarm systems have only been around for a few years and have yet to really become the mainstay in the homes across the country, however, GSM alarm system are slowly becoming the system of choice for homeowners nationwide. Phone line systems have traditionally been the most common and most installed, and overall, a phone line monitors most home alarm systems. Many people are beginning to switch though, and there are plenty of reasons why.
As talked about before GSM home alarm systems are a lot more reliable than a home phone line system. First off, a phone line can be cut outside of your home, which isn’t very safe at all. Not to mention, if you do install a GSM alarm system you likely won’t need your home phone line any longer. This can save you a few extra dollars a month not having to pay for a home phone line.
A GSM alarm system gives you way more bang for your buck in the long run as well. Not only will you not have to pay for your home phone line but cellular alarm systems allow for much easier interactive alarm system access. This also means access to home automation features that can help you cut down on your energy bills by remotely controlling your home thermostat or lights. Energy efficiency is key to savings!
Finally, GSM alarm systems are a lot easier to maintain with less to worry about. Like we said before a phone line can be cut, it can also go bad or corrode, or even “freeze” your alarm system if the line is being used elsewhere in the home. With a GSM alarm system you simply set it up and let it run. Should a new module be needed at any time, whether it’s because of a fault or updated technology you just simply pop open the Control Panel and replace the device. No new wiring or drilling is necessary. GSM alarm systems can also be easily updated remotely. This is more so for the interactive monitoring capabilities, but if you have a GSM module built in to your system many times it can be “updated” with new firmware without ever taking it out of the Control Panel.
There are many reasons why one might purchase a GSM alarm system, and one of those reasons should be because it’s a lot more reliable than a home phone line system.