Tips for ensuring your home isn't a target for burglars

According to the most recent crime statistics, more than 2 million home burglaries took place last year in the US. Other analysts say a burglary occurs every 14 seconds in the US. Both statistics are staggering. Although there is no guarantee that you won’t be the victim of a burglary, there are a number of things that you can do to better ensure the safety of your home.
Tip 1
Turn on the burglar alarm every time you leave the house. Although running to the market down the street may only take 15 minutes, it takes a burglar less time to break into your house, steal your valuables and leave. Sophisticated burglars watch neighborhoods and learn when residents go to work or run errands, and how long they are likely to be away. Always arm your home security system when leaving your house no matter how long you will be gone. There is no reason to invest in a security system if it is not armed.
Tip 2
Install your alarm keypad in a place that is not visible from the outside. This is an invitation for a burglar to see if your security system is armed and to find out who is the manufacture. Unless you are trying to make a burglar’s job easier, always make sure your home security system is out of sight. Place the keypad near an entry door where it is not visible to the outside through a window or door.
Tip 3
Lock all doors, windows and gates. An unlocked door, window or gate is one of the most common ways a burglar will enter a home. Failing to lock doors is one of the most common mistakes homeowners make. It’s an open invitation to a burglar. Install high quality deadbolts, though many are not for sale in retail stores. And don’t forget to seek out a qualified locksmith to install the lock.
Tip 4
Set your lights on a timer. Automate your lights to turn on at night and back off in the morning. Random on and off cycles are best. Most new timers have this type of feature. A light that stays on all the time is no more of a deterrent than a dark house. It tells a burglar you are probably away from the house and do not use timers. Most security systems allow homeowners to easily control lights with a smart phone.