Why choose Secrui alarm system?

With its uncompromising technology, reliability and self-contained architecture, SECRUI’s Dual-network Alarm System is an easy-to-install security system. Dual-network Alarm is a combination control panel, keypad, siren, dialer, voice system and speakerphone in one. It offers full Contact ID information to your central station via GSM or PSTN network. The GSM communications module easily install inside the same plastic case as the Dual-network Alarm with no additional enclosures to mount. The new communications options give you the flexibility you need to address the emergence of VoIP, POTS migration to cellular and the growth of digital radio networks.
The all-in-one integrated design combines the installation flexibility for every job with the proven reliability of SECRUI’s technology. The convenient voice prompt programming feature walks you through the installation process—helping reduce installation costs. The voice annunciation of system status and alarm conditions greatly reduce the amount of end-user training. Dual-network alarm system supports all Secrui Series wireless devices.
Secrui’s high capacity, feature-rich lets you deliver more value to your customers on each and every sale. Dual-network alarm system provides up to 48 wireless zones and 4 wired zones of protection.The panel’s installation advantages, innovative end-user benefits and robust system capacity make you feel safety to protect your home.