Why Do We Need Security system?

Last year there were 9,320,971 property crimes were reported across the nation. Of this number of property crimes, about 24% were burglaries. That means every year there are approximately 2.2 million burglaries in the U.S. That calculates to an average of someone’s house being robbed once every 14-15 seconds. Last year the average loss per break-in was $1,675. Are you protected?
No one wants to be part of those statistics. The idea of a break-in is even scarier if we have family at home. More than anything, we want to keep them safe. The fact is doors, windows, computers, TV’s, etc can be replaced; but family cannot. Invaluable peace of mind comes from knowing no harm will come to the people we love or the possessions we worked hard for.
If you knew for certain that someone was going to break into your house tonight you would not only get an alarm, but you would alert the authorities and you neighbors and family. Far too often victims of a home invasion only do this after they have been victimized, even though it is easier to prepare than to repair. So why do we need home security? Because break ins happen, and you are the other guy. A security system is built to detect trouble and sound an alarm. If the system is monitored – and it really should be, to keep you safe – there is also a team of people ready to react to the alarm and send immediate assistance.Don’t wait until after the fact to do something that could prevent home invasions and give you peace of mind.