Home Alarm Security Basics. Part 2: How Does A Home Security System Work?

Last time we started a 7 part series looking at the basics regarding home security. In our first entry for this series we talked about why we need home security, and today we will look at how a home security system functions.
A security system is built to detect trouble and sound an alarm. If the system is monitored – and it really should be, to keep you safe – there is also a team of people ready to react to the alarm and send immediate assistance. There are really only 4 simple steps to how the alarm works.
The 4 Easy Steps:
1- Activate your security system.
With the simple touch of a button on a user friendly control panel, the Secrui Alarm system is ready to signal unwelcome activity in your home.
2- The alarm is sounded.
If glass is broken, or a door has been opened, the alarm system automatically signals to the intruder that help is on the way. Knowing that he has been discovered, the intruder is likely to leave immediately. Simultaneously the system alerts services that there is an emergency.
3- Secrui team is notified the alarm’s been triggered.
Our operators can drill down on which device was triggered, and where the issue is, which can be invaluable information, especially in an emergency situation.
4- An operator contacts you and the proper authorities, be it firemen, police, or EMTs.
rui calls you to verify there is a genuine problem, and will subsequently make contact with the right authorities once the threat is known and understood.
The elements of a home security system are 1) equipment 2) monitoring and, 3) with the best systems you also get advanced features that let you access the system controls remotely.