"the siren of alarm system sound loud and scared the burglar
Johnson had analarm system for more than three years. And whether he was home or not home, she always kept it turned on, because it made her feel safe. And that's why she paid almost $30 to have this home alarm system. In October, Johnson said burglars kicked in the glass and entered her home.
It was a day Johnson says she will never forget. "They went in the hallway; I guess they kicked in the other door," she says.
Johnson was devastated and frustrated, but thankful no one was hurt during the recent break-in. The burglars didn't harm her dog, but did manage to keep him quiet. "They took some chicken out the refrigerator put it on a tray and put it in there with him and he ate it," she says. "He loves to eat. You know, to keep him quiet."
But what did to break this quiet is her home alarm system. "the siren of alarm system sound loud and scared the burglar , the police also get the alarm system’s alert and arrived at the incident place at the first time."
She just was paidSecrui $30 for her alarm system. "I felt safety. It’s an awesome feeling having this alarm system to protect you," she says.
After a short while, the police have catched the burglar and said "We had 3,000 break-in case per month. But we're down to about 1,100 right now, this is all depend on our home alarm system" .
"We think that they have some justification.  They have some old antiquated equipment.  They're concerned about it failing," said Short.
"If Secrui does continue to produce alarm system as good as now or keep move forward, the burglars will dare not break in any house anymore," said Short.