An Introduction of dual network wireless alarm system

SECRUI’s new dual network wireless alarm system is designed for those who want to protect their homes and are not prepared to make concessions when it comes to quality, function, operation and design. The jury thus acknowledged a product whose design features a number of particularly elegant solutions.
“Security systems can only be genuinely effective if they are willingly and frequently used,” explains Jianhui Yang, CEO of SECRUI company. “That’s why we develop and manufacture electronic security products which can be integrated into daily routines as simply as possible.” He believes the dual network wireless alarm system is an excellent example of the success of these efforts. Secrui system brings together security expertise in a wider range of functions than ever before, and offers these functions with an operating concept which is revolutionary in its simplicity.
Active break-in protection meets building automation
The SECRUI wireless alarm system can include up to 99 wireless zones and 2 wired zones with a wide variety of detectors. The dual network wireless alarm system is part of the ABUS strategy of merging systems which used to be burglar alarm and fire alarm.
Reduction of false alarms with bidirectional wireless technology
The SECRUI system features many technical innovations. The alarm control panel and components continuously exchange data packages via bidirectional wireless, and respond to changes in status within a fraction of a second. Using the SECRUI Control Key, an electronic double knob cylinder with keyless function, access control and arming/disarming of the alarm system can be combined on a highly individual basis with measures to prevent false alarms.
Even an attempted break-in generates an alarm
SECRUI has successfully closed the gap between mechanical and electronic security. The SECRUI preventive detectors – mechatronic auxiliary door and window locks – generate an alarm when an attempt is made to force open a window or a door and resist the intruder with a force of more than 1 tonne. This active protection system makes burglary almost impossible.
An alarm system that opens doors
Security and comfort at home can now be intelligently combined and flexibly adapted to the individual habits of the user. SECRUI enables the building to respond flexibly to events. In conjunction with the building automation system, SECRUI can raise the shutters, open escape routes or grant access to the emergency services in the event of a fire alarm.
Intuitive operation – with an app, of course
In addition to its wide array of functions, the new wireless alarm system is also characterized by its intuitive operation. Alarm control panel features a 4.3-inch color display, providing a clearly presented overview of all information and status messages. The capacitive buttons are lit up as the situation requires, making selection easier. A lamp on the status bar lights up in different colors to indicate the system status at a glance. As well as this, the system assists the user with voice messages. As well as conventional operation via code-input, remote control and proximity chip key, the alarm control panel also features an integrated fingerprint reader for unambiguous user identification. In this way up to 50 users can be clearly identified, each with individual rights and schedules. The a;arm system can be operated from anywhere via the Internet and mobile smart phone and tablet apps. The electronic double knob cylinder even makes it possible to unlock the front door by remote control using an app.
Easy configuration and maintenance
Setting up and configuring an alarm system has never been easier. Everything functions centrally via a web server. Software updates or new features can be installed with a click of the mouse. In addition, all detectors can be assigned by bar code before installation. This means the installer on site can concentrate on what is most important: personal contact with the customer. Once the wireless alarm system is in operation, remote maintenance means that on-site visits are kept to a minimum.
The SECRUI company
In keeping with the concept of exclusivity in planning, designing and protecting, SECRUI has initiated the programme to recruit selected installers to the exclusive circle of alarm system partners. These partners are characterized by aspects such as recognised industry certifications and long expertise in professional security engineering, as well as qualified staff.