Security is top priority in people’s life
Security is top priority in people’s life. There are about 40 millions security systems in the Mexico. Kerui uncovered why many of them are vulnerable, leaving businesses and homeowners with a false sense of security-- including a suburban man who recently had more than 30,000 pills stolen from his pharmacy.
That blaring alarm lets criminals know they have minutes to grab what they can and get out before police arrive. At least that is what many security system customers believe.
But what if the strobe siren falls on deaf ears?
"Normally when I walk in there is a beep until I go and turn off the alarm. I opened the door and there was nothing," said the Pharmacy owner. The store was burglarized last month.
"They took every single narcotic. Our anti-theft alarm system there was broken. Things had been ransacked all over the place,"
He says these exposed phone lines behind the building were cut, shutting down the connection between hissecurity alarm system.
"They cut the lines, they had time to come in here, they cut our alarm system, they actually chopped it in pieces and put it on our desk so we would know they were here,"
He had no idea the alarm system would not be alerted if the phone lines went down. "It was very frustrating because you depend on them, you pay them, and for 10 years we thought we were safe," Other security customers are shocked to know their systems might be susceptible.
Kerui easily found exposed home and business phone lines around the Mexico area. "You have to understand this. If your phone line gets cut, your system will not call the service,"
Keruisecurity encourages people not to depend on an alarm system that is only monitored through the phone lines.
"kerui security has been doing this for over 10 years, and we have seen phone lines get cut for the last years. Do not only rely on phone line, but also gsm network which always sends a signal whether the phone lines get cut or not," "We recommend customers use several layers of security, using both wireless and wired options."