Why needs SECRUI security system

I took a look at the SECRUI security system some weeks ago, and now the company has pushed out an update to the hardware controller and theiOS/Andio app that lets you interact with the system.
Among the changes:
Give users the ability to change arming delay time (from instant up to 5 minutes)
Give users the ability to change alarm delay time (from instant up to 10 minutes)
Give users an arming countdown (beep beep beep, so you know how long you have to get out of the house)
Quicker login and auto-login options
Allows an audible disarming countdown (beep beep beep, so you know how long you have to disarm)
Add siren volume adjustment to fit user needs
Enhanced Family Member page - will allow profile pictures and remote logs
Remove requirement to do a manual reboot after recovering data from the cloud
When I tested the SECRUI system, I found it stable and useful. The changes made were the result of user feedback, and the company expects to add some new hardware and new capabilities to the system soon.
This alarm management software reduces the overall number of alarms while helping operators focus and respond to the most critical of those.
Of the thousands of alarms generated in a plant every day, many are not serious. Control room operators need to quickly distinguish between routine process alarms and critical alarms that warn of operating problems or safety issues.
SECRUI Alarm Suite can help users reduce overall alarm count by as much as 80 percent, identify maintenance issues, and increase visibility of critical alarms that require urgent attention.
Its customization, role-based dashboard enables operators, engineers and managers to view the health of their alarm system at a glance.
A key feature of the new software is that it is compatible with many mobile devices, enabling personnel to view alarm metrics at any time, from almost any location. This ease of access enables more frequent monitoring and faster corrective action, which helps alleviate a major fatigue factor of operators.
“ The SECRUI Alarm Suite is an effective tool for optimizing alarm management programs to prevent alarm floods and ‘chatter,’ and reduce operator stress. The software offers a layer of protection to minimise unplanned outages, safety incidents and environmental releases.”