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GSM alarm system with RFID KR-G19
System can hold up to 150 sensors
Expandable with additional sensors, detectors, smoke alarms, outlet control devices etc.
Four digit customizable passcode locks keypad and is required to disarm alarm.
Six digit Admin password required to access programming features
LCD display panel which shows zone number when alarm is triggered
Remote arm, disarm, audio monitoring by phone
System automatically calls up to Eight numbers sequentially when the alarm is triggered using a GSM SIM card.
Mic for remote monitoring and two way communication
Fully programmable home (armed without delay, motion sensors disabled) and away armed modes (short delay before arming, motion sensors enabled).
vertically and have a 25 foot detection range
All sensor batteries last 1-2 years
Notification options for low battery
Sensor range from panel is up to 150 feet
Wireless siren range from panel is up to 150 feet
Automatic timers for Arming, Disarming and Power outlets
Configurable delays after arming alarm (provides time to exit building) and time to disarm (provides time to enter passcode before alarm sounds)
Remote fobs enable arming and disarming without password, enabling home mode, and panic
Chime can be enabled for sensors in disarm mode
Alarm Log to track alarm events
Optional text alerts